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Wow... Nice to read so many memories of Diwali...   It is encouraging me to pen down my own experiences. So here it goes...

Every year diwali day would start with our mom waking us up to have "ganga bath". (We lazy girls wud be sleeping since we can sleep for long hours only on holidays). So, after our bath, we would happily wear our new clothes  and run down for our first round of bursting crackers. Then, go home and enjoy delicious breakfast  with sweets and savouries that mom prepares. Hmmm,, and the diwali special "Adirasam" which i ususally help mom in preparing. (My mouth is already watering...)

Since we lived in appartments we would disrtibute sweets to our neighbours. During the evening, we used to light lamps and decorate them around the house. (We sisters used to fight as to who would do it and then finally we would share it) Everyone in the appartments would gather down and burst the crackers together. It would be great fun to have everyone together and exchange crackers and burst. And even share jokes and other things about previous diwali's etc...

Last year was my first Diwali at my in-laws place and I was looking forward to it with a mixture of emotions. And then came the day...   hmmm,,, eppadi solradhu... Total flop...  My MIL had'nt prepared even one sweet. No lamps lit.  Worst of all, they din't even wear the new clothes they had purchased. Enakku totally mood-off after seeing all this...    Was just waiting to burst the crackers that they had purchased and see how my daughter would react to them... But unfortunately my daughter was fast asleep when we were bursting crackers (which actually finished in 5 minutes)...

This year too my hubby has booked tickets to my in-laws place.  Just crossing my fingers and hoping to have a better Diwali than my last one...

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moms community buna


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 asweni , nice blog. have a very happy diwali this year ..ok . what happened to the smileys... 

  • October 7, 2010

moms community penitia


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i think u too hv posted again like me...:-)

here is my vote pa..

  • October 7, 2010

moms community sumankamalanathan


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wt a bad diwali experience 4u in MIL  ...........don't worry  ya..... this year u celebrate happily .. happy diwali. my vote for u!!!!!!

  • October 7, 2010

moms community IndhulovesUdaya


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 here is my vote da..

  • October 7, 2010

moms community Velvizhi


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Amma veeduna adhu thani thaan....MIL veetla panalana enna..neenga panunga and make that place as per ur wish....hope u enjoy this year...

  • October 8, 2010

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