Our birthday guest's poem about our party At Bamboola!!!!

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 Happy birthday Kavya

From your dear friend Maya 

The birthday party was full of fun

With lots of prizes to be won! 

I enjoyed not only the pony ride

But also the swing, ladders and the slide 

There were riddles, puzzles and games galore

Not only for kids but also for the adults to explore 

My aunt said that the “Houseful” game was nice

For which she won a golden purse as prize 

Be it stacking coins, vegetable passing or bead stringing

My grandma felt that everything was interesting 

Getting a chance to play with real animals and birds

Oh my! I just can’t express my happiness in words 

The balloon bursting had lots of surprises in store

I managed to collect stickers, golden glitters and lots more 

Though my mom felt sad to have missed the party

My happiness & enjoyment made her feel very hearty 

With cakes, bhelpuris, samosas & potato chips to eat

The party was nothing short of a wonderful treat!! 

Bamboola Play School was a great choice

With greenery around and away from noise 

Kudos to the organizers and especially your parents

Who shower you with love that never ends 

Hope you liked my gift – Bow bow!

I know you would definitely love 

And here’s a big hug

For the cute mug 



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moms community anus2602


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looks u guys had a gr8 bash yaar

I wud like to know some details of this place so that I can plan for my daughter's Bday as well


  • December 24, 2009

moms community Ramalakshmi


karma: 219

Nice... who wrote this ?

  • December 26, 2009

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