Good sumer camp for kids around J.P nagar

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 Hi moms,

Help me to find summer camps near J.P nagar.
my kids are of 7yr  old.Thanks 

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while ur at it do check out wat all programs are there at "eduland kindergarten" bsk II stage, opp bata showroom.......... thats shenaz's playschool n one thing i like about them is that they take good care of the children...ur talking about bigger kids here so i dont know exactly wat ur lookin for....but do check that place out......really nice ppl.....

  • over 5 years ago

moms community MrsShabana


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Hey even i m luking the same yaar near BANASHANKARI 2ND stage.....

  • over 5 years ago
moms community priyan


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  • over 5 years ago
moms community chintu11


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just keep checking in newspaper you will find ads about summer camp in 2 more weeks.

Planet kids will have very good summercamp just check it out.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community reachel


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Hi There is a Resort who conducts summer camp every year.You may check it-

  • over 5 years ago
moms community meetlali


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contact SAMA JpNagar

  • over 5 years ago
moms community nitiram


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Hi, we are conducting Fun with robots summer camp for age 6 - 8 yrs, in different parts of bangalore. for details, Kindly contact Mr. Raghudeep - 9535093601 or Mrs.Sreekala - 9880245808. Also can visit website:

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Lavanyac


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Pls check with Myndea @ Jp Nagar 7th phase , oppsite elita promenda apts, they offering both academic and non-academic programs. or contact @8884647785  or 26851059,  nice place for kids.


  • over 4 years ago
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