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  • March 14, 2011 07:01
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Hi moms,

My sister is 23yrs old and she is fair in colour.She wont use powder or any other cream but now she started to  use ponds white beauty cream, but she fears that her skin should not get damage by any cream.

So could anyone tell me both positive and negative effects of using ponds white beauty so that it will make her come good opinion on using creams.

Could anyone tell me what will happen by using this cream what effect will be shown in face, how many to use it?


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5 answers so far. What are your thoughts?

moms community shimna


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no idea y6aar!!!

  • over 5 years ago
moms community priyan


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 I dont use ponds white beauty cream.  I use olay cream, its good.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Shilpa


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If ur sis started now then ask her to use Olay... it is very good as Priya said...

  • over 5 years ago
moms community ramyavivek


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 i had used ponds and started getting pimples so just stoped it olay is good as shilpa and priya told.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community sapnashetty


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hi all use products as per ur skintype &concerns,if it suits one it need not suit u,as ur skin is different,am an independent beautyconsultant ,u can call me on 9886179997, for any of ur hair,skin,beautyconcerns free

  • over 5 years ago
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