Remedies for stomach pain during periods
  • May 20, 2011 10:48
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Hi moms,

My sister is 23yrs old and she is working, she gets severe stomach pain and back pain during periods.She is unable to control that pain, for her periods is really like hell since stomach pains alot..

So moms does is there any way or method to stop stomach pain during periods.I know everyone gets stomach pain in periods but we should have to know any home remedies for controlling stomach pain.

Using medicines will stop periods pain but will create some other side effects in future.So moms share your solutions to get rid of stomach pain during periods.... 

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Don't take any tablets for this.. I too had severe stomach pain in my college days.. I tried the following as suggested by my aunty. Boil malai vembu leaves in the night and drink that water next day morning in empty stomach. You should do this for 3months during period time.. And fenugreek also reduces pain by making the body cool. Stomach pain is normal due to the processes taken place in uterus. so follow the above method only for 3 months and im sure there won't be any talk of stomach pain after that.. Getting back pain in periods is mainly because of weakness.. So ask your sister to eat nutritious food to increase her stamina.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Aks


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Even i used to have severe stomach ache when i was young.. Tender coconut on an empty stomach will help.. I travelled to my village during summer holidays and had the chance of having tender coconut everyday morning.. and next time when i had periods i didnt have any pain.. since then i used to take tender coconuts almost everyday.. if it is not possible everyday, i used to take that compulsorily atleast 10 days ahead of the periods.. used to help a lot.. I also read in some siddha books that tender coconuts help a lot if taken continously on an empty stomach..

we need to keep the body cool.. Oil bath once in a week will balance the heat in the body and may help.. Fenugreek is also good..  Buttermilk with a little bit of hing will also work..

nutritious food is a must.. whenever i used to diet i used to have severe pain.. but when i have a complete meal.. i never used to have any discomfort..

Wheat kanji provides enough stamina during this periods and wards of back ache.. ask your sister to try that.. If your sister is having a lot of spicy food, ask her to reduce it.. or balance it with buttermilk etc.,

If the home remedies doesnt work for a while.. suggest that you check with doctor once.. if the doc says everything is normal and this is usual.. you can carry on with the home remedies itself..

  • over 5 years ago
moms community coolsha


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Fish intake is very good for painful periods and papaya is also good for all menses problems.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community BhuvaneswariS


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loka, what is malai vembu leaves means

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Loka


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Malai vembu- variety of neem

  • over 5 years ago
moms community SKSUMITRASREE


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What loka said is very good. But we use to do it in another way. Grind some ordinary neem leaves(tender) and roll it into balls ( of small lemon size) (if malai vembu is not available- as it is tough to get) . You can even refrigirate it. Have one ball every day starting from teh day of the periods in early morning in empty stomach for 3 consecutive months. You will get rid of the severe pain.


  • over 5 years ago
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