how to increase cheeks on face
  • June 08, 2011 11:42
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 Hi cmoms,

              We are planning for my sister's marriage by this year her weight is normal but she doesn't have cheeks. Kindly suggest few healthy foods and home remedies to bring chubby cheeks.

How to increase cheeks on face share ur ideas so that she can be happy.



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Best Answer

moms community Shirleysmom


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Hi if she raised her weight then it will be problem to reduce for only cheeks  

Ask her to do  Yogmudra & Pranayam will definetly help her.

  Drink butter milk half a litter daily 


  • over 5 years ago

moms community Aks


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Ask her to blow balloons.... and include paneer, cheese etc.,

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Mathangisatish


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Ask her to smile always :-)

  • over 5 years ago
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