Thalattu Songs for newborn baby
  • June 14, 2011 10:00
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Bharatmomsmother- Lathanatarajan question


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Hi moms,

                  Can anyone know lyrics of baby thaalattu songs. It is needed for my brother's newborn baby girl. Where can i get thalattu pattu ?? pls share here some tamil thalattu  lyrics songs for baby. 

Pls Help...

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moms community AbiramiYuvaraj


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hey ... am so much interested in my own version of thalattu song !! 

Aararoooo aari ra roooooo...

En  kanne nee thungu !!

Kannana Kann allava ?

Kanmaniye Kann urangu...... !!

( each line is releated to the numbers 1..2..3 )

1.Or uyire kann urangu...

2. Iru Vizhiye Kann urangu..

3.Muthamizhe kann urangu..

4. Nan maraiye kann urangu..

5. Im porule kann urangu...

6. Aru suvaiye kann urangu...

7. Yezh nirame kann urangu..

8. Ettu thisai aala vandha..

     En magane kann urangu...

9. Rathinangal Onbadhaiyum

     Suda vandha manmadhaney !!

Aararoooo aari ra roooooo...

En  kanne nee thungu !!

Kannana Kann allava ?

Kanmaniye Kann urangu...... !!

I used to sing this song till now to make him sleep ;-)

  • over 5 years ago

moms community chittusmom


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I used to sing thalattu songs from old tamil movies. Some of them are athai madi methai adi, kaalamidhu kaalamidhu kannurangu magale, indha pachai kilikkoru sevvandhi poovil, kanne kalaimaane, etc and the krishna song Aayarpaadi maaligayil and N number of customized versions

There are a lot of tamil thalattus if you search in youtube

  • over 5 years ago
moms community vetha12


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 Hi i only two line dont mistake me if you moms know kindly share the full lyrics it will help me in future 

Aararo ariraro aararo arirao

yar adichu nee azhara un azhgana mayi kalaya

Aararo ariraro aararo arirao

unga athai adichala aralipu chendala

this what i know

if think she is expecting songs other than cinema songs


  • over 5 years ago
moms community KrishnaveniKumar


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very Interesting topic...

Am 5 months pregnant and collecting lullaby mom forgot lyrics of the thalattu song.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community vanitharani


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I used to sing to my son, very beautiful lyrics


Aararo arirao araaro ariraroa,   ஆராரோ ஆரிரோ ஆராரோ ஆரிராரோ 

Yar adichu nee azharaey un anjana kan mayi karaya….

Aararo arirao ariraro ararooo….

Athai adichalo arali poochendaley,

Chithi adichalo shanbhagapoo chendaley,

Mama adichano malligapoo chendaley

Thatha adicharo thamarapoo chendaley

Patti adichalo paal pottum kayiyaley,

Anda paatiyaaa aduchalo unai pathuviralaley

Kovalachivakkazhuda kunnado yen nabhi

Kannam chivakkaazhuda karayado yen manasu,

Yaaradichu nee azharey kanney nee kannurangu

Yaradicha kanneeru aarai perugiradu

Aararo ariraro araaro ariraro…

This is a real thalattu song....hug your baby just sing own raga, feel safe and secure and start developing a sweet bond with us Mothers.




  • over 5 years ago
moms community cutejithu


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i use to sing the old tamil movie songs

amma enral anbu

appa enral arivu

aasan enral kalvi

evara ualgin daivam


  • over 5 years ago

Answers from Natural childbirth and lactation consultant,Pediatrician- Dr.Shacchee Khare Baweja

My son of age 5 's urine is always surrounded by ants. Is he diabetic? Bcoz my father and grandparents are diabetic. I'm not. Please help me.

If your son is otherwise fine, Urine surrounded by ants is no indication that someone is diabetic , this is quite a common feature, but because diabetes runs in families so whenever you visit your paediatrician next do discuss your family history with him so that he/she  can keep a watch.

  • over 5 years ago
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