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I would like to get refferals for Legal Counsel for Women in Chennai. Kindly advice.

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moms community Kutty


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Hi PRMS, your nick was too long hence the short form; How are you. Well you have asked for a legal counsel; for what kind you have not mentioned. But since I read lot of articles on the net, I cam across one such which had Mrs. Nalini Chidambaram as a senior women legal counsel. I give below a link which you can paste on your browser address bar to read more about her. Im sure there must be many other women too but this person is a popular one.

  • almost 8 years ago
moms community Hydmango


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Hi Dear, I have known one such lady legal counsel at a lawyers office in TNagar. It is opposite the Residency Towers Hotel. I think if im not mistaken the road name is raman street. It is a building which is on the entrance. ie. the first building on the road opposite that hotel. I will try and get that details of the lady practising there in a day or two. Cya

  • almost 8 years ago
moms community Nidhi


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Hey! if this was for some rental or real estate stuff, any lawyer (M or F) is good enough. If it is for marital affairs you are asking, you must google on chennai bar association

  • almost 8 years ago
moms community ParRamManSan


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Hi! Thanks for posting in this wbsite. I am actually looking for a lawyer who specialises in child custody and marital issues. I am in a abusive relationship looking for a way out. That is why the research and asked about referrals.

  • almost 8 years ago
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