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Hi all my hubby likes ulunthu vadai a lot but whenever i try the crispy and soft puffy nature is missing in my vada. Kindly share the ingredients to be added to that to make a puffy and crispy feel

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My ulundu vada comes crisp.  I soak 1cup urad dal + 1/3 cup aval or beaten rice. Soak for an hour. Don't add more water. Add exactly the amt reqd for it to immerse. Keep it in fridge. Grind green chillies and ginger separately and mix with it. hope it helps.




  • about 5 years ago

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 Hi  Shirleys mom......

I love vadas too...and so does my kid. Mine never used to come so crisp at first...the taste was good but not crisp enough. then my house maid gave me a tip which solved my problem. 

I already knew that u mustn't oversoak it. Vada comes out best if u soak Urad dal for just an hour.

Add just enough water to grind the dal into a thick but smooth paste. It should not become too loose. That was always the problem becos in mixie u can never get the batter thick enough. My maid said that after grinding add a scoop of rava and a scoop of rice flour to the batter. this makes it thick and also crispy wen u fry it.. (If ur using one glass of dal, add one curry spoon each of rava and rice flour)

After that just add salt,  pepper, chillies, curry leaves(cut), ginger or whatever according to ur taste and also a pinch of baking soda to the batter and fry as usual....

Hope this helps..... do let me know how it comes out...... 

  • about 5 years ago
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