Mutapoochi(Bed bugs) problem

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 We shifted our house to kottur from Anna nagar, for my childs school, suddenly we started having this mutta poochi(bed bugs) on our bed room, so we called the pesticides and they did it, but its not decreased, still we have it, i have 2 small kids, do you think is there anyother solution? please suggest, badly need help:(

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 I Will ask you to call the Pesticides and make to clean properly they can do a good other than these home remedies done by us.

  • almost 5 years ago
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Clean your bed room fully....Don't put any things in the shelves for some days.....

Really its a very bad thing.... even elders can't tolerate this problem.....

Remove your bed, cot everything. Use pesticide ...... While doing this(especially on weekends) send ur kids to your relatives house....Make the room free and ventilated for atleast 2 days.... Make the room to get direct sunlight and free air....

Place all your things again.... Surely... the problem will get solved....

Don't use the same bed new one...

Put the cot in terrace and check all the things once again... before placing into the room.....

  • almost 5 years ago
moms community hemshakthi


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hi , if u mix paint with pesticides and try to do white wash clean bed and pillows put it in the sunlight ,  i think it will work out

  • almost 5 years ago
moms community Poonam786


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Try wiping your furniture, walls & floors with sprayed alcohol to kill bed bugs.

  • almost 5 years ago
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