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hi, my son is doing his 10 in cbse, he is an average student shd i change him to matric for his 12 pls suggest

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If you are looking forward to put your son in engineering/ medical college in tamil nadu on merit, then its recommended to switch to matric. Otherwise any board is fine. It's actually state board. There is no matric board for 11th and 12th. But I heard for 11th and 12th CBSE is more tough than state board. Check it out.

  • almost 8 years ago
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Reasons to continue CBSE - he opts for commerce and he is not gonna write all those entrances in medical or engineering colleges (do they have them now?)...but i have heard that students from the CBSE background do well at the entrances...but then an avg score in 12th and high rank in entrance might not count right? - if u or husband have transferable jobs - if he is an introvert because he will have to make friends all over again...the displacement effect on his social life must be considered ( I would take this as a prime you might be putting him in a high scoring environment but he might loose interest and that would effect his performance - if u and ur husband are pretty ok with his average performance ...let the world complain...but if ur family is happy jus let it be - put in some extra effort to make him perform at the CBSE level itself ...extra personal coaching...perks:) for scoring Reasons not to continue in CBSE If for Admissions into professional colleges the 12th score and entrance rank matters then put him in matric and give him extra coaching for entrance... To sum up...let him be where he is...don't pressurise...encourage and he will shine...:) Ps.Disclaimer :) My son is jus 3.5yrs. this is jus my opinion. I might ask the same question 10 yrs from now!!!! :)

  • almost 8 years ago
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Hi Suni,

I got this link in my email. It's a model question paper for 10th std matriculation. You can compare the standards of 10th cbse and 10th matric using this. Hope it helps.

10th std matriculation question paper

  • over 7 years ago
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 Hi mom,

both the syllabus are good, u have to choose which is suitable to ur son...

  • almost 6 years ago
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