Am I pregnant?
  • February 12, 2012 17:08
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 Hello Doctor I have been taking contraceptive pills (Asmita) for 3 years as I had spotting problem and also have small follicles. Now I want to get pregnant Doctor have suggested me Folinine and F-Gam medicine for fertilization. I only mated twice with my husband after 16 days of my period (16days including period). Now, Still I have no periods It should have started two days back, but i am having spotting. Am I pregnant? How would I know?

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 hi, why dont you try a home pregnancy kit(like velocit) to check. Usually it shows pretty clear results from 30 days.

  • over 4 years ago
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Folinin contains Methylcobalamine with folic acid. To maintain pregnancy both drugs are equaly important.As per my gynecologist suggest Folinin but zinc with folicacid is more important in early pregnancy to prevent Neural tube defect.Zinc also increases the folicacid uptake. Your doctor is good and on a right way.You can also ask this to your doctor.

  • over 4 years ago
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I can find F-Gam is a multivitamin nutritional supplement that also contains Zinc.

F-Gam medicine is often given to women who have fertility problems, because a lack in some of the vital nutrients it contains can affect her ability to get pregnant.

So this F-Gam and Folinine is usually given to women who have fertility problems

  • over 4 years ago

Answers from Gynecologist - Dr.K.Balakumari

Can eyebrow threading be done during pregnancy.I am in my 7th month now.

Yes it can be done

  • almost 4 years ago
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