How to improve skin tone of my unborn baby ?

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 Hi moms,

Please share me the details of food items which is very helpful to imporve my fetus skin tone 

For fair baby what to eat during pregnancy ?

 Do veggies and fruits improve my fetus color ?


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 You could drink milk with saffron in the night before going to bed. Its supose to bring good complexion to the baby as well as improve blood circulation for the mother.But dont eat too much of Saffron while pregnant its not good during pregnancy.


  • about 4 years ago
moms community debina


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 Hi Lincy 

I have heard that eating fresh fruits especially Oranges will help in bringing colour to the fetus.

So just give a try i usually had the Oranges at 11:00A.M after my breakfast before lunch.

  • about 4 years ago
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 Your baby's complexion will be based on genes, not anything you eat or drink. You cannot alter his or her complexion because it is already formed inside the body and beyond your control. Just worry about having a healthy baby, dark or light skinned!

So dont think much of unborn baby colour wait for a healthy baby arrival.

  • about 4 years ago
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Hi i do not know much about improving the skin colour of unborn baby but many say drinking coconut water helps in bringing fair skin complexion to the fetus while carrying  

  • about 4 years ago
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 The color goes mostly by the parents complexion, but toning it with additional nutrients, who would not want to do. 

and Yes, 4-5 saffron strands on a warm glass of milk is said to be good for the babys skin growth as well as the mother.Check here for how Saffron helps in complexion of unborn baby 

  • about 4 years ago
moms community sangeebala


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 In one of the blog i have read eating Mayonnaise foods improve the skin colour of unborn baby.

But beofre taking please read the benefits and side effects of Mayonnaise foods during pregnancy

  • about 4 years ago
moms community shilpa21


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 Hi tea darkens the baby's complexion so you can take milk and tumeric which is said to improves the baby's complexion

  • about 4 years ago

Answers from Gynecologist - Dr.K.Balakumari

Can eyebrow threading be done during pregnancy.I am in my 7th month now.

Yes it can be done

  • almost 4 years ago
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