2014-15 admission for lkg in dav school Gopalapuram chennai

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me, when is the 2014-2015 admission of lkg in Dav school in gopalapuram? I am going to buy 2014-2015 admission sheet for my daughter in Dav school in gopalapuram.

I have not yet tried for 2014-2015 admission to any schools. Bcoz to join my daughter in a good school. Now I heard from many people that the Dav school in gopalapuram is very good and the school have so many good reviews. After seeing the reviews we decided to join our daughter to Dav school in gopalapuram. Is Dav school in gopalapuram as started is 2014-2015 admission process?? or when did this school start its 2014-2015 admission process??

Can any one tell me??? I am a bit confused and tensed because we din't try any other schools for the admission 2013-2014 to lkg.


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I too have a plan to place my son in Dav school, gopalapuram for lkg, but i dont know what Dav school 2013-2014 admission plans and sets new criterias for admission.I am staying at nungambakkam, i am ready to shift my house also, if my son got lkg admisssion in Dav school gopalapuram. so friends, your answers will be helpfull for me too. so please share the 2013-2014 admission process and date of Dav school in gopalapuram.Also i am confused on which school to approach for lkg appln, as is get lot of names on searching onsite. Dav nursery, high schl, boys highsecondary schl.....Is All these are in single campus or different one. Please advice me on correct location that where shud we approach for lkg admission.Any one called Dav today? Does it belong to Dav gopalapuram. Is this school different from Dav Velachery? HOw is the coaching and academic results? What is the procedure of admission for lkg. When do they start giving the application forms. What is their website address or contact number? pls update

Thank you all!

I am waiting for yours ans

  • about 4 years ago
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I called the kg wing of DAV(gopalapuram) last year for my sister's son admission. Dav gopalapuram school started their 2012-2013 amission in dec. But for 2013-2014 admission process is i am not sure. Other then that yes this Dav school having very good reviews and i didn't find any negative reviews of this school..

All the best for your kids for lkg 2013-2014 admission in dav school gopalapuram. For the application you should approach the Girls wing school of DAV.. Just opposite u have the Boys Senior secondary school i dont think its connected with Nursery.. If u want i can give u the Nursery Contact Number - 28112950

  • about 4 years ago
moms community Aswin


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I am not a Dav parent, but since I have been following the procedure for the last couple of years, my guess is that the application forms would be generally issued by Dec 2 nd or 3rd every year. But it might change this year !

Why dont you try calling the school directly, state your problem and book the tickets ? They might tell you, if you are in luck. :) Just give a try ! But the whole admission process including payment of fees would be over by mid Dec or Dec 20th max.


  • about 4 years ago
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Iam searching for some good schools in chennai for my daughter to join lkg.

I heard from someone that to join Dav gopalapuram, one of the criteria must be one of the parents should be a government worker. 

  • about 4 years ago
moms community preethi2


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Not like that.. my sister son is in Dav gopalapuram school only and my sister is house wife and her hubby is working in a private only..

  • about 4 years ago
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I don't think so one of the parent must be a govt employee. Might be u check with the school by calling them

Dav Senior Secondary school

212/213, Lloyds Road


Chennai 600086

  • about 4 years ago
moms community coolmom


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Girls wing issues the applicatio form for lkg. Boys and girls study together in girls wing upto a certain class. Later, Boys move to the Boys wing which is located just opp to Girls wing. I am also trying for lkg admission in this school,after reading some post i come to know that admission in this school would be very tough,but still i want give a hit.

  • about 4 years ago
moms community Jasmine


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Dav school at Adambakkam does come under the Dav gopalapuram Mgmt(Mogappair Dav is same as Dav gopalapuram). Dav at velachery is yet another management. All the three are under different umbrella of mgmt.he school is good academically. For extra curricular activities I'm afraid you have to go out in search of sports club etc. Rest the school is disciplined and has many good teachers. Again I"m not to be blamed if once in a while you have to face a bad teaching personal for any particular subject. As a matter of fact any shcool will have a combination of good and bad tutors right.

  • about 4 years ago
moms community DiamondMom


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i think Dav school in gopalapuram starting its 2013-2014 admission process will start on nov-dec. you can join the Dav schools moms group for to know more details abour Dav schools and 2013-2014 admission process and othe ..

use above link for to join Dav schools moms groups and for know about

2013-2014 lkg admission process of Dav school in gopalapuram

2013-2014 lkg admission process of Dav school in mogappair

2013-2014 lkg admission process of Dav school in adambakkam

  • about 4 years ago
moms community NewageMom


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Dav is best schools to choose and they more focus on academics...

NATIONAL PUBLIC school - at end of nov 2012 they will issue applications

MAHARSIHI VIDYA MANDIR Application issu by december 2012.


  • about 4 years ago
moms community Healer


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Hi mom, i am not sure about Dav school in gopalapuram or 2013-2014 admission process..and reviews too...But i heard many bad reviews about Dav school in velachery and Dav school in adambakkam.They are too strict, too much homework and other things. I recently met two parent, one has a kid in my kids school and the other in Dav and she was saying that she put her other kid in SBA only because there was no seat in Dav but now she is planning to remove her kid from Dav and put him in SBA.actually we r moving to a new house in velachery which is very close to Dav public school. first i was quite happy about it ,for the reason that i have a school within walkable distance.then when i started to enquire about the school, i did not hear good reviews about the Dav put 2013-2014 lkg sba is good... its my openion only....

  • about 4 years ago
moms community Sameeksha


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   Hi Moms,

   Myself Sowmya from Triplicane. Im planning to try in DAV gopalapuram for my daughter for LKG (academic   year 2013 - 2014). She will be 3 1/2 in June 7th 2013 only(DOB - DEC 7,2009). Can anyone tell me whether the school will issue form for me for LKG. 


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Healer


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When is 2014 admission starts in dav school for Lkg.??

  • almost 3 years ago
moms community Chikku


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Admission for 2014-15 acedemic year will start from January 2014.

You can check Dav school Website for more details

  • almost 3 years ago
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