Best/Good homeopathy doctors clinics in chennai

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I need Good homeopathy doctors clinics in chennai?

Did anyone know about kidney stone problem? my uncle facing that problem and many of our relative, friends suggest us homeopathy treatment is the best for this..but we don't have any experience with any homeopathy doctors..and we don't know any homeopathy clinic address too... will u pls share ur experience with homeopathy treatment..pls share some Good homeopathy clinics in chennai or suggest best homeopathy doctors in chennai..

Thanks in advance!



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just check the following address of homeopathy doctors clinic in chennai and i am not sure about the may google and check it out the doctors details to choose Good or best..

Doctor name is Janaki Devi Y and its clinic address is 5/B, Railway Colony 4th Street, Aminjikarai, chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600029..


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Aswin


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ya its true Kidney stones are easily curable in homeopathy treatment..but be aware there is lot of folks duped by homeopathy quacks have ended with kidney failures..


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community BakerMom


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Even,i am searching for a Good homeopathy doctors.Plz give me a suggestion.


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community millsandboon


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you can try homeopathy doctors..Dr. AU Ramakrishnan. His clinics is in Kilpauk. He is an internationally renowned Homoeopathy. He is a bit costly, gives his own medicine in dosages for 1 month which will cost you around Rs. 1500. You need to fix an appointment sufficiently in advance. Most summers he is out of India. His phone no is 044 26412400.

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community preethi2


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hi, i don't know about kidney treatment in homeopaty..but my husbands friend had skin problem & went for homeopathy doctors clinics. it tool almost 1 year to get the skin normal , but later he developed kidney problem & the doctors who treated him for renal functions said , he had been on heavy steroid (might have gone to a wrong homeopathy doctor) , & his both kidneys were found to be spoiled... so please consult a Good homeopathy doctors only if u r going for homeopathy & also doubly ensure the side effects with them ...

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community netmom


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Hi, Just check the following link for best homeopathy doctors clinics in chennai and i have taken that link for you..


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community ram2


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one of my friend went for homeopathy doctors for hair fall..homeopathy really helps you much, you can try homeopathy treatment, pls find the dr link below

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community coolmom


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I know one Good homeopathy doctors but she is not in chennai chennai and her name is Dr Bhavna and the name of the clinics is Gowtham homeopathy clinic You know Hyderguda area just go to the lane of hyderguda petrol pump when you go inside there is one apartment called swami towers just climb the steps and straight away third shop is her clinic.I always give my son her medicines u ll get Good n quick results.

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Jasmine


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i have seen the following link in bharathmoms and moms are discussed their about Good or best homeopathy doctors clinics in chennai and i will share this for u..i hope it will be useful for you.

thank you!

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community DiamondMom


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i will share you the address of one of the Good homeopathy in valasaravakkam can try him..his name address are

Ashish homeopathy clinic in valasaravakkam chennai

Near HDFC bank

Phone no: 9789815632

and its a very nice clinics in chennai for homeopathy and Good doctors with very less free and medicine also not so costly.


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community NewageMom


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i wish to mention one of the best homeopathy in chennai.


(Specialist in Terminal Illness & Incurable diseases)

Raman House,

Old No.21, (New 49),

Kuppaiah Street,

West Mambalam,

chennai – 33

He is perhaps THE best homeopathy doctor you can get in chennai. He charges Rs.5,000/- per month as fees. So, if someone desperately needs homeopathy help and has got the money, then this is the best person to contact. He is a strictly Classical homeopathy who can Really cure the patient.

(I may add that he has years of experience as a Professor in homeopathy teaching in homeopathy medical college).


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Healer


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i shall suggest MR. N.R.Jayakumar, homeopathy doctor for ur problem in Adambakkam , St.Thomas Mount chennai.. myself suffered from sever wheezing problem 10 yrs before... i was under tretment from him for full 3 yrs.. now im completely rectified from that problem.. im eating even ice cream, bathing in cold water now (believe it or not - vch i was not used b4 4 so many yrs)... so my personal opinion is u can contact him n start ur treatment but u shud follow his medicines strictly... all the best


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Chikku


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hi friend, i too sarech best homeopathy doctors in chennai and Good homeopathy clinics in chennai. and i found some results..just check it out the above links for that.

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Jingle


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Pl. go to Bahola homeopathy doctor in T. Nagar market. And his clinic is in a lane near Nalli Sarees showroom. He is one of the best homeopathy doctors in chennai


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Armymother


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i too found a moms discussion about Good or best homeopathy doctors clinics in chennai in this site...for that use the above link to get the ans.

i hope you will find the best result...


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Shirleysmom


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I wanted to suggest homeopathy Dr P.V Venkataraman and this is his address.

Homoeo care

33,First main road

Lake area


chennai- 600 034

Ph: 044-28173236 / 28173236

Mobile : 9841153666

E-mail:drpvv at

Dr Srinivasan has also been mentioned as a Good homeopathy.

  • almost 4 years ago
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