2013-2014 Admission in Good shepherd international school
  • November 19, 2012 12:14
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  Hi friends, My sister is NRI and she wants to admit her kid in Good shepherd international school for 2013-2014 batch, How to apply for this school she is staying in canada when they issue application should we purchase the application form in person.

Please share your reviews about Good shepherd international school

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 For International candidates / NRIs Admission in Good shepherd international school:

For prospective students from abroad, the Aptitude Test can be scheduled in the school (or in the Indian Embassy) where the student is studying provided the parents get a no objection certificate from the Head of the school / Embassy (and let us know the email address for us to send the question papers). The details will be sent to parents individually along with our call letter on receipt of registration form and fee from the parents.

  • almost 4 years ago
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 Hi puja my SIL in thailand admitted her kid she says Food is excellent and the dormitories are comfortable enough with a dorm parent and two full-time helpers in each dormitory.

They have children from all over the world, I think more than 20 countries, mostly NRIs.medical facilities in the school are also too good in Good shepherd international school

  • almost 4 years ago
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 Good shepherd international school in Ooty have heard much but i dont have nay personal experience about this school,the admission Good shepherd international school is open now for 2013-2014 batch ESTIMATED ENROLMENT Seats for 2013-2014 is  245 seats so check the school soon.


  • almost 4 years ago
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2013-2014 Admission in Good shepherd international school 

 Hi from this year  2013 onwards Good Shepherd International School will have classes only from Std I to Std XII. Application form is available in the schools webiste.

  • almost 4 years ago
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 Hi puja i should help you kow since my cousin brother studied in this school. He really enjoyed his school,his way of life and how he is now really the credits goes to the Good Shepherd International School now he is in UK working for a MNC achieved great heights at younger age. Food will be too good since he become so fat after his schooling  just kidding but he says it will be good and Dormitory very clean NRI's are in large numbers compared to Indians.

All the very best hope you get seat in this school for 2013 academic year

  • almost 4 years ago

Answers from Natural childbirth and lactation consultant,Pediatrician- Dr.Shacchee Khare Baweja

My son of age 5 's urine is always surrounded by ants. Is he diabetic? Bcoz my father and grandparents are diabetic. I'm not. Please help me.

If your son is otherwise fine, Urine surrounded by ants is no indication that someone is diabetic , this is quite a common feature, but because diabetes runs in families so whenever you visit your paediatrician next do discuss your family history with him so that he/she  can keep a watch.

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