Online dharshan ticket booking for sabarimala swami ayyappan 2013-14

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Hi moms,


i heared that kerala police launched online advance queue booking for sabarimala swami ayyappan darshan..But i don't know the procedure for the online registration of 2013-2014. So guys please share me the details of booking tickets for swami ayyappan dharshan.


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Online booking for sabarimala swami ayyappan darshan Tickets
The Kerala Police has launched an innovative e-queue system for Sabarimala darshan during the 2012-2013 pilgrimage season. Using the online advance queue placement coupon, pilgrims can get preference in the queue for darshan, which the authorities believe will help avoid overcrowding and congestion. and these are the website are for advance queue booking of sabarimala ayyapa swami dharshan
By booking this, you are not assured with Darshan at Sabarimala. However this entitles you to join the queue at “Nadapanthal” and near to the Pathinettampadi. After verifying your credentials you will be put through the queue for darshan eventually along with those who are waiting in the queue.
This is a free service offered by Kerala Police for the purpose of crowd management at Sabarimala. You are not required to make any payment in this connection.

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Online booking for sabarimala swami ayyappan darshan Tickets
This facility is provided by Kerala Police as a part of Crowd Management which in turn saves precious time of the Pilgrims.
The print out generated after registration (Q-Coupon) and Identity Card used for registration must be brought while coming for Darshan.
The print out (Q-Coupon) and ID card are to be produced for verification by Police officials.
Children aged below 15 do not require identity card but photograph is essential.
The scanned passport size photograph must be in jpg / jpeg and size below 30 KB.
Females aged between 10 to 50 are not allowed to perform pilgrimage at Sabarimala.
Important Instructions to be followed in Queue Placement Coupon Booking.
This facility is limited, to devotees who are coming to Sabarimala with Irumudikettu.
If the web page is idle for more than 3 minutes the link will get disconnected.
Before you start to register, please ensure that all the items mentioned below are available in your hand.
1) Identity Card.
2) Scanned passport size photo having size less than 30 KB in JPG or JPEG format
Do not use Refresh and Back button of the browser it will generate error.

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Here are some tips to carry things for online registeration to get darshan from swamy saranam ayyappan temple during makara jyothi.

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