SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

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Hi all,

i am searching for SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review. so friends please share me the details of the school that you know..can you please share the contact number of SSm school ?

Thanks in advance!

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moms community ramyasai


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SSm school is good one....

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community LittleSteps


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

Hi,did anybody get the addmission application for JM1 in SSm school for 2013-2014?I went directly and they said admission is closed

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Aswin


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

Ya i too heard good reviews of this schiik and i tried 2013-2014 admission for my sister in law son in that school and they asked me to call them around mid september. I have been trying to call them in the same number again , for the past 2 weeks and the number seems broken.

very surprising to see that 2013-2014 admissions have closed down in SSm school.

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community TwinMom


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

ya, she is correct the 2013-2014 admission of SSm school is closed. Even I was pretty surprised to hear this from SSM yesterday. Initially I had called them on 7th Sep to ask when they would issue the application forms for 2013 June JM1. They had asked me to call back after a week. And when I called yesterday - "NO VACANCY" was the reply. Even if they had limited seats there was no sign of having issued application form to the public. And I am not sure if limited seats mean only the siblings of the students currently studying there get a chance. The lady who spoke to me did not have much details other than "This is the information that we got from the management" !!!Official circular has been sent to the kid's parent studying in SSM that there is no admissions planned for 2013-2014. 

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community millsandboon


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review


I am also disappointed that SSm school 2013-2014 admissions are closed. There is no admission for LKG. They admit only in Pre KG or 1st Std. Admission is going on now. They issue application between 12pm to 1pm, cost Rs. 1000/-

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community preethi2


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

I too Heard that SSm school is 2013-2014 application form for JM1 is closed. Not sure of the information. Contact the chrompet school to get it confirmed.

  • almost 4 years ago
moms community Challenger


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

Hi friends, i take the following 2013-2014 admission details of SSm school in the school website..

Parents desirous of seeking admission in the school can register the name of the child / student for any academic year for all classes on payment of a non-refundable Registration fee of Rs.1,000/-.

The registration can be in person or online. Parents are advised to satisfy themselves about the norms and criteria and stipulated rules and regulations of school mentioned in the Handbook for admission before registration.

Registration form can be downloaded from the website. Registration is non transferable.

Admission is open only in Junior Montessori first year.

No admission can be granted in Junior Montessori Classes - JM 2 and JM 3 , as the Junior Montessori is a three year comprehensive and continuous learning process.

For other classes i.e. from Class I (SM1) onwards, vacancy if any exists alone, will be filled in, on priority basis with due fulfillment of criteria for selection.

The admission process will be completed during the month of February for the following academic year.

Registration shall never be a guarantee for admission. Admission shall be strictly as per the criteria and shall only be after a personal interaction with the child / student along with both Father & Mother for a proper and complete acquaintance.


  • almost 4 years ago
moms community ram2


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SSm school admission 2013-2014 and review

Hi, I had heard good reviews about SSm school! But i am not sure about the 2013-2014 admission of that school.

  • almost 4 years ago
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