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Dear All,

anyone know about pon vidyashram school in valasaravakkam.. how it is related to psbb.. how about the infrastructure of school..

is that a part of psbb? when they will start issuing the application forms for 2010-2011 pre-kg admission. 

how about the teaching methodology & extra curricular activities...etc.,




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moms community vinay amma

vinay amma

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Pon vidhyashram is having many negative reviews esp in Injambakkam and Valasaravakkam.

Last year,it(valasarawlkam) was marooned in water for more than two mnths after rains.Dont knw how did they manage with the curriculum later:(

  • about 7 years ago
moms community Sumathy


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Thanks ! for the information. 




  • about 7 years ago
moms community Uma


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Hi Sumathy,

I have my daughter admitted in Pon Vidyashram - Virugambakkam (offshoot of Valasaravakkam branch) having only Pre.K.G and L.K.G in a separate bungalow. 

As Vinay Amma told yes Valasarwakkam school was closed for a month during the rains but after that they have raised the roads as well as the building because i just went there on saturday to attend the reach out programme.

As far as I have noticed the teachers are good and the strength in each class is also less at least at the K.G level. They follow the PSBB teaching methodology and the school is run under the guidance of Mrs.YGP like PSBB Millineum

  • about 7 years ago
moms community Sumathy


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Dear Uma,

Thanks for the info. on the last post. 

I would like to know whether they follow CBSE syllabus.. and the extra curricular activities in that school...Since, iam in iyyappanthangal...i am thinking on 2 or 3 prospects...

1. psbb millienium, porur (waiting for confirmed news on next year pre-kg in porur)

2. ponvidyashram

3. lechataline...( any info. about lechateline, alwarthirunagar would be good...

btw i have sent the friends request - uma & some members.





  • about 7 years ago
moms community Uma


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accepted your request.

Pon Vidyashram follows CBSE syllabus and as per the orientation program they gave last week to the parents they claims that they don't assess the child by keeping exams in the early stages and will assess them on a whole for a period of time and the teachers seemed to be well qualified. Heard that they balance well between studies and co-curicular activities but have to wait and see as my daughter has just started going to the school.

PSBB Mill is a good choice you can see their website that speaks for them. Hope they will move all the classes to Porur by next year. La Chatleine is also CBSE school teaching wise good not much importane to other activities



  • about 7 years ago
moms community Sumathy


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Dear uma ,

thanx 4 the info given, and can u suggest any other good school in and around porur and valsarwakkam other than psbb, pon vidyashram, la chatleine .

can u tell me any interaction  session or interview was held for ur daughter  , if so what do the management expecting from the kids and from the parents.




  • about 7 years ago
moms community moonlight


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My kids are studying in valasaravakkam branch. The teaching and extra curricular activities are good. They use video and audio based tools for teaching science, geography etc which makes it easy for the children to understand. I will definitely recommend this school for others.


  • about 6 years ago
moms community PadmashriL


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 How far the parents involvment required if their baby studying in CBSE syllabus. My wife is BBA graduate and studied in Tamil medium. I am working for MNC and I find time only on week ends, that too, not full time. Especially, If I admit my daughter in Pon Vidhyashram or PSBB.

Could anyone revert for my query?





  • almost 6 years ago
moms community kuttisujith


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dont  make up ur mind to get admission at pon vidyashram, try some other schools, pon vidyshram is going to run on shift basics ie morning shift, afternoon shift & poor teaching. if u realy dont get admission with other schools then go with yr cheque book and get the admission at pon vidyashram it is available in plenty

  • over 4 years ago
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