Does Bournvita - Chocolate Drink leads constipation.....

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Amirtha S

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Dear Moms,

My son is 3Years old. Initially he was drinking plain milk, then we started giving him Pediasure - Vanila Flavour. Now we are giving him Bournvita for few days, since he doesn't like Pediasure.

Now the problem is he has got constipation.. he feels very difficult for passing motion... and because of constipation and pain is avoiding that also....We gave hot water and banana also... Please let me know whether is that due to Bournvita..what other drinks can I give him.... I am worried about that and planning to take him to doctor still if it continues..

Before that i thought of checking with you  all moms.


Thank u,


Amirtha S

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moms community Ramya101


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HI Amritha,

Try giving him Complan. I give my daughter that. She is now 2.5 yrs. Rite from one year i have been giving her that and no constipation probs so far.




  • over 7 years ago
moms community sonia


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Hi Amritha,

Yes, Complan is good, my daughter drinks it without a problem and so far no constipation.

, Sonia

  • over 7 years ago
moms community vinay amma

vinay amma

karma: 401

Hi Amirtha,

I dont think Bournvita/Complan anything that we give them will lead to constipation,does he takes his veges and fruit quota daily,u've to chek that also i guess.As for me,i'm giving Bournvita(mentioned for 2-5yrs) for both my kids and so far,no complaints...

The only thing i'm concerned with is the black deposit found with bournvita,boost etc(choc drinks) not with complan though,has anybody noticed this diff....what r these?

  • about 7 years ago
moms community momluvsanju


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My daughter 2.3 is also taking bournvita,she hasnt had any constipations so far.

And as for black residue in the end i guess its just coco and nothing to worry about. i have been having boost for ages now, and am quite fit and healthy. Even today "Boost is the secret of my Energy"Too many biscuts or maida in diet may be one of the reason.Try giving him some prunes he should be ok!

  • about 7 years ago
moms community ritu


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hai Amritha,

yes all this drink can cause contipation since they all are malt base baby is 1.5 and i started him giving Kid drink from nutralite which is soya base and good for health and digetion as well ...try that one let me know if u need the same

  • about 7 years ago
moms community Amirtha S

Amirtha S

karma: 461

Thank you all. Now i am giving him complan.... let me see if still there is  a problem for him.....

  • about 7 years ago
moms community Niral


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Reason for constipation problem:

  After dinner give him luke-warm water with 1tsp Pure ghee

  Black Resins - (Black manuka) soak in water ask her to drink anytime

  Less in-take of fibre,water is the main reason....


check the link Constipation for kids

  • over 4 years ago
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