Vivekananda Vidyalaya Chitlappakam - admission procedure for LKG

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Hi all,


Currently I m residing in NJ. I will plan to return to India in January. My son was born in Feb 2007. I am planning to put my child in Vivekananda vidyalaya school in  chromepet. If anyone having an idea about the admission procedure for Kindergarten in vivekananda vidyalaya, Please let me know. 

I need the following details about Vivekananda vidyalaya school

1. When will they start to give the application for LKG.

2. Fees structure.

3. Do they have entrance exam for the kid?

4. Disipline in the school.

5. Co-Curricular activities.


Thanks in advance




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Check out these posts on vivekananda vidyalaya. Make friends with the moms who have posted about the school and check with them as they would've put their kids last year.

  • about 7 years ago
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 when they start giving application forms for LKG,I have to admit my child by June 2010.


  • about 6 years ago
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  • almost 6 years ago
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