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Do anyone give pedicoryl syrup to ur childrn? my dr. asked me to give it if my son becomes very restless and refuses to sleep.

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moms community lakshmianand


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My doctor gave my son Phenegran syrup for sleep. WHen he had an allergy, he gave this for good sleep. Give the chemical name of the syrup. Phenegran s the comapany name . it s chemical name s Promethazine syrup.



  • almost 7 years ago
moms community Smita


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Phenergan even my son's doc also recommended but only when he was not well and needed good sleep. Else it is not supposed to be administered without prescription. Infact, if your kid's doc has recommended a medicine, you could go ahead and give it.

You may also check homeopathy. I am sure there are some soothing medicines there as well. I gave couple of them to my kid when he was teething.

  • almost 7 years ago
moms community ssangee


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my doc too advised me the same but that should not be used always try to involve him in othet activities

  • about 4 years ago
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