Good Tailors in Porur /Valasaravakkam
  • February 12, 2010 12:15
  • Category : Shopping
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Bharatmomsmother- shans question


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  Need suggestions on good ladies tailors - specialists in salwar /chudidhars  in Valsaravakkam /Porur /Saligrammam/Vadapalani






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moms community Ramya101


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The Ramya's tailors at porur signal do a neat job on salwars and blouses.

  • over 6 years ago
moms community anushisha


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I have heard Chitra's at valasaravakkam (near alwarthirunagar) is good, i hv had no personal experience but most of my neighbours have vouched it.

  • over 6 years ago
moms community shans


karma: 3

can u pls tell me exact location of ramya's phone no if any

  • over 6 years ago
moms community Manimegalai


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Chitra's in valasaravakkam is very good for chudithar stiching.The work was neat and good. which is located in valasaravakkam on the Arcot road main road itself.Which is opposite to Bata's show room.I used to do it there.

  • over 6 years ago
moms community chennaigr8


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very bad experience with the ramya tailor at porur for the past 2 years, he charges you the max bt never delivers on time and any alternations always costs you even when done teh next day , doesnt give you any suggestions nor does he hear you when you ask him for any clarfication ,doesnt show any respect to his customers especially the ladies , very harsh and is a bad mouth guy , try to avaoid this tailor shop if you want to get your deliveries on time and if you want to hold on to your self respect from a cheap bad mouthed tailor . Ladies , stay away from this one

  • over 5 years ago
moms community rose2


karma: 764

In the main road ,opposite to axis bank ATM(near porur signal), there is a tailor in the name of PK Tailors. The shop is located in upstairs and he is well known for chudithar and blouse stitching.For more tailors to know check best tailors in chennai

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Namitha


karma: 9562


i too go with ramya's ans

  • over 4 years ago
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