Where to adopt a child legally in hyderabad

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Hi Cmoms,

My Uncle's daughter was married before 5 years. But they don't have children yet, they underwent many treatment for non-conveiving. But as per the doctor's report she is not able to conceive due to major problems. So they have planned to adopt a child legally from any adoption centre in hyderabad. Si it will be much thankful if anyone provide a good adoption centre.

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Nice decision I appreciate them. You can adopt a child through

1. LisaIndia

Address:Chandra Nagar, Chintal

Jeedimetla, Hyderabad-500 055.

Contact Number: 9490317779

2. Missionaries Of Charity Of Mother Theresa

Address: S D RoadHyderabad-500003

Contact Number: 040-27700927

3. Ananda Marga Children Home


#17-1-390/C, Saidabad Colony
Lakshmi Nagar
Hyderabad -500659

4. Ap Women Development & Child Welfare Department

Address: 8-3-222, Behind Saradhi Studios, Ameerpet,

Hyderabad - 500016

Contact Number: 040-23733221




  • over 6 years ago

Answers from Natural childbirth and lactation consultant,Pediatrician- Dr.Shacchee Khare Baweja

My son of age 5 's urine is always surrounded by ants. Is he diabetic? Bcoz my father and grandparents are diabetic. I'm not. Please help me.

If your son is otherwise fine, Urine surrounded by ants is no indication that someone is diabetic , this is quite a common feature, but because diabetes runs in families so whenever you visit your paediatrician next do discuss your family history with him so that he/she  can keep a watch.

  • over 5 years ago
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