Follicle Rupture
  • July 21, 2010 10:16
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Hi cmoms,


one year back i got married, Now am trying to conceive, i have irregular periods, so this month doctor asked me to come for follicle study. 9th day onwards started, 11 th day of my period doctor gave sifasi 5000 IU injection. 13th day at the time of scan she told follicle ruptured. ask me to contact with husband these 3 days. my dooubt is follicle rupture means what, it means ovulation or after one or two days ovulation will occur. pls clear my doubt.

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moms community SuthiSharan


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enaku indha alavuku details theriyadhu....

PCOS pathi keta solluven....

lets wait for other moms reply

  • about 6 years ago
moms community Amala


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follicle is a fluid­filled cyst that ruptures when you ovulate

when the follicle ruptures matured egg is releasd...

Jus googld up... link may be useful

  • about 6 years ago
moms community bhujji


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yes amala mam thanks, monday she told rupture so, i was ovulated on monday, tuesday or today. becoz i sunday and monday  we  intercouse. unfortunately my hubby officially gone out of station, so no contact yesterday, today he came. those two days enough for TTC

  • about 6 years ago
moms community kavithajagadeesh


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Folicular study is done to know when the egg releases....done for those with irregular periods...since it is difficult in such cases to predict when the egg releases...When u r sure when the egg releases it is easier for you to try to answer your question the 2 days would suffice if ur lucky enough...

  • about 6 years ago
moms community Amala


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Hope u got answer

  • about 6 years ago

Answers from Gynecologist - Dr.K.Balakumari

Can eyebrow threading be done during pregnancy.I am in my 7th month now.

Yes it can be done

  • almost 4 years ago
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