List of cbse schools in ambattur
  • September 15, 2010 14:09
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Hi friends!

im new to this mom club.we will be shifting to ambattur in few days. u know how head breaking it would b toget school admsn nw. my son is aged 7-II std and daughter in PRE-KG.


can anybody suggest me some good cbse schools in ambattur, avadi, yet to look for house also.

very urgent..

any possibility of getting admn now from november..??




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There are lot of matriculation schools in and around ambattur..but CBSE schools is less.

In Ambattur, there are 2 CBSE schools

1. G.K shetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya(I think it is more that 25 yrs old)

They will issue application around january..  But to get admission for 2nd std is difficult there.. that is too in middle Anyway try your best.

M.T.H. Road, West Ambattur,
Chennai - 600 053
(phone number.. ill get you tomorrow)

2. I dont know the exact name..but it is newly started...located in  Aacini matriculation school campus(Ambattur O.T).

In Avadi.. Jaigopal Garodia vivekananda vidyalaya, Kendriya vidyalaya etc

In Ayynambakkam(near to ambattur) Velammal vidyalaya

Velammal Avenue, Ayanambakkam,
Thiruverkadu Road, Chennai-600 095.


  • about 6 years ago
moms community Rajiguhan


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you have bhaktavatsalam in korattur, kendriya vidyala in avadi, think nazrath in avadi is also cbse school.

Also have vivevakandana in korattur and ambattur..check it out


  • about 6 years ago
moms community sowmygopi


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Go with Vellamal or Vadi...

If u need a home for rent..A newly built flat s for rent around me if u want to know more details

  • about 6 years ago
moms community adith


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thanks frnds.

thank u so much for da info,meantime statd collectng school info. ,fone nums etc..

will dicuss..

bye 4 nw.

a worried mom..

  • about 6 years ago
moms community anudev


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g.k shetty has lost its charm... pls try kv or velammal... best of luck

  • about 6 years ago
moms community anudev


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hi if u want admission right nw u can put him in matriculation.. then u can try to shift next year... hussain memorial model school in mth road, near shopping singapore..vl consider admission now... for name sake they vl conduct entrance exam but on request u vl get admissions. i really doubt abt other schools.. even i had similar situation.. i got admission...there.. u can try... be relaxed... u vl get.

  • about 6 years ago
moms community adith


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hi anudev,

u  said u had same pblm, r ur kids/kid nw in that school?? if i put him in matric ,will dey gv admn in some cbse next year??



  • about 6 years ago
moms community priyamohanraj


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  • about 3 years ago
moms community priyamohanraj


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Am looking reviews and  2014 admission details of viajayantha senior school, avadi..from which month they will issue application form for next year...

Share me the details.

See more:

Best cbse schools in and around avadi

List of matric/cbse schools in korattur



  • about 3 years ago
moms community shalinilakshmi


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Dont know about that school, but u can try any other schools like, kv, gk shetty , dav and velammal school..

Check the list of best schools in avadi:

  • about 3 years ago
moms community abhicute


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Bhaktavatsalam cbse school at korattar

If ur looking for bhaktavatsalam cbse school korattur , u need to do registration in school office, after that only u vl get application form in that school.

  • about 3 years ago
moms community reemaa


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Hi friends,


Near by ambattur area, velammal cbse and velammal vidyashram in melayanambakkam..Confusing which one is best and velammal surapet is tarted few years ago only...Help me out to join my kid in best school in and around ambattur chennai.

  • about 3 years ago
moms community sridevikannan


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@priya gk shetty vivekananda vidyalaya ambattur is best school...

They will issue application form in d mid of february month 2014..Online application is available..

  • about 3 years ago
moms community anusha2010


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 Kendriya vidyalaya avadi , will offer the secondary language option for students and gor positive reviews of the school..Check with kendriya vidyalaya admission 2014, Last year they issued application form in the month of feb, so that we can gues for this year also they will issue application form at last of jan month or 1st week of feb 2014 month..

  • about 3 years ago
moms community ambikakarthick


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@ reemaa, By comparing Velammal vidhyashram-Surapet is better than Melayanambakkam school. Velammal Vidhyashram cbse is good in coaching, Fluency and many Extra activities.

  • about 3 years ago
moms community Shirleysmom


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All the best to everyone who and all looking for 2014 admission in chennai.Dont worry, Most all the schools will issue application /admission for lkg 2014 on jan or feb 2014 month..

Check the website for admisison starting date and ending date of all schools under vivekanada trust...This may helpful for so many moms.

  • about 3 years ago
moms community reemaa


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Thanks ambika for great info about school..

If anyone looking to choose best schools in and around north chennai check the below link.

2013 List of best schools in north chennai

  • about 3 years ago

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