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Hi moms,

I have a doubt that, what is the minimum age for ticket  reservation in train and what is the difference between i ticket and e ticket ? which one is good to take online ticket?



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Hi Kavitha, till 5 we need not take tickets for kids. for kids above 5 till 12, it is half the fare.

I Tickets are delivered to the customer's desired address ( I think some extra charges for that obviously) and for E Tickets you need to take print out of the tickets, but while travelling you need to have some photo ID proof. valid Photo ID proof like Voters ID is required for senior citizens too.

Noramlly we book E Tickets only in IRCTC Site and we are ofcourse used to it.

  • over 5 years ago
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 Hi Kavitha ,

1. the classification as per railways for ticket is as below ...

Upto 5 Years - Free
5 Yrs to 11 Yrs - 50%
12 Yrs - 59 Yrs - Adult
60 and above - Senior Citizen

And the age is counted as " Completed age that is if a kid is completing 11 years as on the date of journey we need to book full ticket ....

2.   I-Ticket is just like a normal ticket - booked through net & should be booked atleast 2 days before journey & the ticket will be delivered to you .

     E-Ticket can be booked till the time of chart preparation (that is 3 hours before the actual departure of a train & u need to carry the print of the booking along with the original id proof ...

For any clarification on rules please see the sites ... 

reservation ..

luggage :

  • over 5 years ago
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Buna - un number koduthuda..

Railway enquiry ku badhila ini unnaye contact panikalam la :D

Good dear...

  • over 5 years ago
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 illa vel , maya's father is in Railways , so naturally i prefer to be updated on basic issues

( naandhane avaroda  P.S at home  )

  • over 5 years ago
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