2014-15 Admission in Chennai Public School Annanagar chennai

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 Hello To All

I am planning to put my kids in chennai public school anna nagar in June 2014.Having mixed reviews of the school.Currently residing in the US.

Looked at Schram Academy....too. when will 2014-15 admision in chennai public school anna nagar

Please let me know the details of both schools and which is better to you knowledge.

Quick response would be helpful.



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moms community shri007


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 Hi, Sailing in the same boat... Which grade r ur kids in.Heard from my sis in law that Schram is good.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community goodmom


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Thanks for ur reply - My elder one has to join 5th grade and the younger one in UKG.

Schram is good but wht abt the nolambur campus infrastructure?

  • over 5 years ago
moms community LathaSri


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My son studies in Schram, Madurvoyal. He joined in 2007 in 5th grade, after studying in US for 5 years. The school helped him very well in the transition. I am not sure about infrastructure in Nolambur but I haven't heard any complaints.

Heard Chennai Public is expensive but the infrastructure is good. Not sure about the studies part.

  • over 5 years ago
moms community RajputPrincess


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Hi good mom,

 Please check it out this discussion it will help you..

Chennai public school review

schram academy

  • over 5 years ago
moms community Rajiguhan


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As far as I have heared about both the schools...both are bit costly only....So, do not know...if that much is reaped in return by our kids????

  • over 5 years ago
moms community goodmom


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 Thanks for all your replies.Very helpful.


A few questions:

1.Do they offer french as the second language?

2.I heard that they are doing admissions currenthly for the nolambur campus.

3.Is there a school bus service.

4.When will they issue admission forms and does the school start in April itself?

5.What is the class strength and what are the subjects offered.

6.What abt the extra curricular activities - does it come under the paid fee structure or do we have to register them seperately for the classes?

Too many que on the plate but would be helpful if U can give me a vision on these topics.



  • over 5 years ago
moms community NewageMom


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when is 2014-15 admission in chennai public school annanagar chennai.

could any one tell me that



  • almost 3 years ago
moms community Nalini2013


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Reviews of Chennai Public school

Soft Skills Training: Leadership & Team Building, Personality Development
Physical Fitness:      Yoga, Gymnastics, Inline skating, Archery, Aerobics
Art in action:            Design studio, Classical and Contemporary Dance, Theater, Music, Needle craft
General Education Module
Special skills:          Creative Writing, Spell Bee, Talk-a-thon
Fun Activities:         Story Trail, Peek-a-book, Tumble Tots, Show ‘n Tell
Field Trips:              For fun and informative insight


For more Details

visit school website


  • almost 3 years ago
moms community Nalini2013


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2014 admission procedure  In Chennai Public school- documents to be added
   1. A Recent passport size photograph
   2. Copy of Birth Certificate
   3. Copy of Parent's employment ID card /Business card
   4. Copy of Residential proof
   5. Current year's First term Report card /Mark statement (Applicable for classes I to XII)
    6. Copy of Community Certificate (If applicable)
    7. Copy of Passport, Visa/PIO/OCI (Applicable for NRIs)
    8. Certificates of Achievement in sports in district/ National level (if applicable)
    9 Copy of Medical certificate / Doctor's prescription (in case of chronic medical ailments which the school should know)

  • almost 3 years ago
moms community BakerMom


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Fees Structure and syllabus in chennai public school

  • almost 3 years ago
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