Grand mother home remedy

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To get rid of running nose - for elders:

Checklists_bullet Take soup/dish of crab. You'll get immediate relief.
For stomach upset/ constipation/gas in infants and toddlers:
Checklists_bullet - boil raisins, 3-4 garlic pieces,1 teaspoon omam, 1 beetel leaf.Smash and strain the water.
Home remedy for dysentery:
Checklists_bullet Smash a well ripe Rasthali variety banana, add it to a cup of water. Drink this thrice a day to get relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet Fry fenugreek (methi) seeds in ghee, add a pinch of salt , grind it and eat it to get relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet Grind curry leaves and cumin seeds to a paste, put it in mouth and drink water.
Checklists_bullet Take juice out of ginger and add to hot water. To this add castor oil and take this regularly for few days to get completer relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet Take juice out of a ripe lemon. To this add rock salt and sugar and drink it. Drinking a mixture like this which is sour, sweet and salty helps in giving good relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet The best food to be taken during dysentery is cooked rice with little water retained in it. Add curds to this and eat to have a quick relief from dehydration.
Checklists_bullet Take tender curry leaves and make into a pulp, add honey to this and have a 1 tsp twice daily to get relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet 1 tsp ginger juice, 1 tsp mint juice and 1 tsp honey gives good relief from dysentery.
Checklists_bullet Chop onion into fine pieces, add curds to it and eat it for a quick relief from dysentery.
Patti vaidiyam for cold and cough:
Checklists_bullet include cabbage regularly in food to control cold and cough.
Checklists_bullet Add pepper to guava to get relief from phlegm.
Checklists_bullet Having cow's milk with honey cures cold.
Checklists_bullet Fresh cow's milk with turmeric powder, drink early morning to get relief from dry cough.
Checklists_bullet For children add tulsi leaves juice to mother's milk for cold.
Checklists_bullet Burn onion directly in the flame and eat to remove cough and chest congestion.
Checklists_bullet Betel leaves juice with honey helps in getting relief from cough.
Checklists_bullet Having a glass of milk with turmeric in the night gives relief from cold and cough.
Checklists_bullet Karpuravalli leaf is excellent in cures for coughs and cold. Boil 3-4 leaves in water and drink the water. Repeat this for 2 - 3 days to get a good relief from cold. You can also add these leaves to rasam and eat the leaves along with the rasam.
Checklists_bullet Thoodhuvalai Keerai - very good to remove cough and cold, especially 'nenju sali'.
Checklists_bullet A very good kashayam which you can make at home for cough & cold. Take equal amounts of pepper, jeera, dhaniya, omum (ajwain), kandathippili, sathakuppai, dry neem flowers, dry ginger.Fry each till golden & crush everything together.To 2 tsp powder add 2 cups of water & boil. Reduce to 1 cup, strain, add honey & drink. Drink twice a day to get good relief from cold and cough.
Checklists_bullet In bulk the following powder can be made and stored in fridge. Chitharathai - 250 gms, Adhi madhuram - 250 gms, turmeric - 50 gms, omam - 25 gms. Crush it and keep it in hot sun for 2 hours. Grind it in mixie, sieve it and take out the powder. This powder can be added to hot water or to hot milk before going to bed.
Checklists_bullet Tulasi leaves + karpooravalli leaves + Vethalai (bettlenut leaves ) + thooduvalai powder or leaves + whole black pepper + little jeera Grind it in mixie like a paste ( u will get it as coarse paste only ).

To avoid cold in kids:

Checklists_bullet Heat in low flame: 2 Karpooravalli leaves, 1 garlic piece, 1 pepper seed. Extract the juice of the leaves. It'll hardly be a spoon. Give it to your child (from infant) at frequent intervals - say a week or 10 days. Your child will not catch cold. The karpooravalli plant will grow in a small pot itself without much maintenance. Just plant a stem from the plant in a pot and water it. You can keep this plant till the children develop good resistance to cold.
Throat hoarseness:
Checklists_bullet Soak 8 to 10 almonds overnight in 1 cup water. After discarding the outer skin, grind the kernels with 8 to 10 black pepper (saboot kali mirch) in 1 cup water. Sift it and drink once a day, after adding sugar candy (mishri) to taste.
Throat Pain:
Checklists_bullet Crush a few neem leaves with water. Remove pulp. Warm it up. Add a little honey and gargle.
Checklists_bullet Mix 1 teaspoon lime juice and 1 tablespoon honey. Swallow tiny amounts slowly 2-3 times a day.
Checklists_bullet 10 dried grapes, 5 valmilagu, 2 cardomom, boil in water and drink to get relief from throat pain.
Checklists_bullet For throat irritation chew tulsi leaves.
Checklists_bullet Chew mint leaves with ginger and drink hotwater to get relief from throat pain and irritation.
Throat Soreness:
Checklists_bullet Apply liquorice (mulathi) paste like a paint around the throat for relief.
Checklists_bullet Eat a plain betel with liquorice (mulathi) 2-3 times a day.
Checklists_bullet Drink tea boiled with ginger (adrak) and a few tulsi leaves 2-3 times a day.
Checklists_bullet Gargle with warm salt water at least twice a day. However do not make gargling sounds as this may aggravate the soreness.
Checklists_bullet Pound 2-3 cloves (laung), garlic (lasan) and add to a cupful of honey. Keep for 1-2 days. Have one teaspoon thrice a day.
Checklists_bullet Drink lots of water (10-12 glasses) a day since most throat problems are intensified by dehydration.
Checklists_bullet Have the mixture of half teaspoon honey and half teaspoon lemon juice every 1-2 hours.
Checklists_bullet Add two tablespoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds to 6 cups of water. Heat on low flame/simmer for 15-20 minutes. Cool to bearable temperature. Strain and gargle 2-3 times a day with this.
Checklists_bullet Heat a cup of milk (warm). Add 1-2 pinch of turmeric powder (haldi) mix well and drink at might.
Mucus in cough:
Checklists_bullet Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1/2 teaspoon each of ginger (adrak) powder, clove (laung) powder and cinnamon (dalchini) powder. Filter. Sweeten with 1 teaspoon honey and drink.
Nasal congestion:
Checklists_bullet Crush a fistful of carom seeds (ajwain) and tie up in a cotton napkin and place it near the pillow.
Checklists_bullet Put 1 teaspoon cardamom (chhoti illaichi) seeds on burning coal and inhale the smoke.
Nose blockage due to cold and phlegm:
Checklists_bullet Make into a very fine powder equal quantities of the following: cardamom (chhoti illaichi) seeds, cinnamon (dalchini), black pepper (kali mirch) and cumin (jeera). Sniff this powder frequently to induce sneezing.
Checklists_bullet To get relief from nose block due to cold, take omam in a small piece of cloth and breath it.
Checklists_bullet Putting 2 drops of coconut oil in the nose also gives relief from nose block due to cold.
Checklists_bullet Grated cucumber applied over the face, eyes and neck for fifteen minutes are very much beneficial for acne and blackheads.
Checklists_bullet Take a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey to taste. This mixture acts as an excellent treatment of asthma
Checklists_bullet if you don't like this you can take a cup of hot coffee.
Checklists_bullet Garlic is the most important home remedy for backache. Oil prepared form garlic and rubbed on the back will give a good result in backache.
Checklists_bullet if you can you can hear the dusk of wheat in a kadai and put it in a cloth and ask somebody to give you 'othadam' by that. That is ask them to tie the cloth; keep it on the back where you have more pain in equal intervals. This will give you a good relief.
Checklists_bullet otherwise use a hot water bag and lay down on the bed and keep the bag on your back.
Checklists_bullet Rub some ginger paste on the affected area and let it dry. Apply eucalyptus oil on the affected area. Take paste of 10 tulsi leaves with honey and then drink 1 glass of water.
Dark patches under eyes:
Checklists_bullet Make a paste from 2 sps of tomato juice, 1/2 tsp lemon juice, a sp of sandalwood powder and a 1/2 sp of turmeric powder. Apply on spots for 2 hrs. Drink tomato juice with a few mint leaves, little lemon juice and salt.
Checklists_bullet Suck a small piece of jaggery(gur) every hour till acidity subsides. Jaggery eliminates acidity, improves digestion and helps in expulsion of worms in small children.
Checklists_bullet Pour 3-4sps of vinegar into the hair and massage into the scalp. Let to dry for 15-20 min. Wash out the hair. Repeat for few days until the dandruff disappears.
Checklists_bullet Make a cup of tea using ginger, clove, bay leaves or guava leaves,black pepper, sweeten with honey or (pana kalkand) and have it 2-3 times a day, good relief.
Checklists_bullet Take 5 pieces of almond soaked overnight, grind and take with a glass of milk.
Home remedy for wheezing problem for children
Checklists_bullet A tsp of fresh ginger juice and honey, twice everyday is adviceable.
Checklists_bullet Boil a tsp of cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp of fresh ginger and a pinch of nutmeg powder in a glass of water and drink it hot.
Checklists_bullet Take Steam inhalation with carom seeds daily twice.
Checklists_bullet A tsp of honey with 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder in the morning can be taken.
Checklists_bullet Crushed garlic in milk is effective in initial stages.
Checklists_bullet Take Two or three cloves of Garlic and chew daily until symptoms are controlled. A small amount of garlic juice can also be added to vegetable juices.
Checklists_bullet Lemon or lime is another valuable home remedy, a teaspoon of fresh juice of either of the two fruits should be taken several times a day before or between meals. This also controls wheezing problem.