The First Month of Pregnancy (1 - 4 weeks)
    Mom's Feelings
    Welcome to pregnancy! You are now at the door-step to a wonderful new feeling-the feeling of being a mother. No words can express the joy of when you realize that a life is slowly taking shape in your womb.

    As you enter the first month of pregnancy, you are at the threshold of a life changing set of events that will soon be the centre of your attention for years to come. At this stage, you may not look pregnant outwardly, but you know that serious changes have started taking place in your body that will end up as a miracle called pregnancy.From now on, your life is like a roller coaster ride. During the first month of pregnancy, it is better to sit back, relax and take things in its stride, rather than be worried about the consequences of pregnancy.
Symptoms of Pregnancy during the First Month
During the first week of pregnancy, you face an array of tests to confirm pregnancy. Your missed period is the first sign that something drastic is going to occur in your body. Pregnancy test involving urine and blood can confirm it.
Pregnancy Tests
There are several tests to confirm pregnancy. You can buy a home pregnancy test kit from any medical shop. They usually test urine for the presence of certain hormones that are present only during the time of pregnancy. It is a good idea to use these tests after a week of missing your period. Generally, these kits contain strips of chemically treated paper that changes colour when they are in contact with urine of pregnant mothers. Once you confirm the pregnancy, you have to visit a doctor for a detailed analysis of your blood or urine.
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Q:Weight gain during pregnancy?

A;Weight gain is very often of paramount importance to women during their pregnencies. There are wide variations in weight gains among pregnant women who have given birth to plump, healthy babies. This would suggest that there are many variables that determine fetal weight...

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