Second Month of Pregnancy (5 - 8 Weeks)
    Mom's Feelings
    Welcome to your second month of your pregnancy! No words can express the incredible joy that you are feeling now. You will now feel that the thoughts of being pregnant have completely encompassed you at all times.

    By the second month of pregnancy, your initial anxiety would have given way to complete contentment. You will be amazed to see that your life now has a sense of purpose and meaning. The people around you, your spouse, and relatives will notice that change in you. You feel as if you are mature enough to handle pregnancy.

    You are now having a new lifestyle, were your baby is at the centre of all your attention. By this time, all the results for pregnancy tests would have positively confirmed it, and questions like “Am I pregnant or not?” are erased from your mind, even though you may not look pregnant when others look at you. But towards the end of the month you might have noticed that clothes are a bit tight at the waist.
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Q:Weight gain during pregnancy?

A;Weight gain is very often of paramount importance to women during their pregnencies. There are wide variations in weight gains among pregnant women who have given birth to plump, healthy babies. This would suggest that there are many variables that determine fetal weight...

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