Top 9 Foods To Avoid Every Time

The top 10 foods we should avoid every time are cereals, fast food, fizzy drinks, cheesy fries etc. No doubt that such foods can become a cause of heart attack, stroke, as well as numberless heart diseases. Read the article to learn more and save your body.

a woman making hand sign to refuse food on the table for dieting

Processed junk foods are everywhere and are full of sugar, salt, and fat. They can prove devastating for health and we will guide on the foods to avoid that can thought become a cause of your death.

You should always avoid the foods featured below. And if you want to keep a healthy diet then you should minimise the intake of these 10 foods.

  • Cheesy Fries
  • Fried Desserts
  • Cereals
  • Pork Rind or Crackle (Pork Scratching)
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Processed Meats
  • Frozen Meats
  • Chicken Nuggets

1. Cheesy Fries

There is no doubt that cheesy fires are full of fat, salt, and calories while an intense amount of cheese is also added  to this natural unhealthy food can prove a terrible recipe for your health.

A regular fries contain 420 calories and 100g of the cheddar cheese on the top of this and you will be adding a further 400 calories and 35g of fat to the fries.

typical italian dessert for carnival, "chiacchiere" fries with t

2. Fried Desserts

Deep fried things regardless of what it is can prove poor for health. In addition, coating a dessert that is already high in fat can prove dangerous. Fried foods can block your arteries and can become a cause to heart attack, strokes, as well as diabetes.

Such types of fats are high in saturated fats and trans fats and promote plaque in arteries and can become a cause of heart attack and heart failure.

Eating fried foods can also led to high blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, and obesity. All can prove dangerous for health.

Research shows that a woman eating one or more serving of the fried fish per week has 48% greater risk of developing a heart disease.

But baked and boiled foods are associated with a lower risk. Therefore you should always prefer boiled foods over fried foods.

However it does not apply to the banana fritters and pineapple. As these are fruits and still need to cooked in batter and later be dip into a sugary syrup.

3. Cereals

Most people start their day with a bowl of cereal. However in some cases this breakfast may contain a lot of harmful components and ingredients.

Some breakfast cereals especially those that are aimed at children contain chemicals that are used to preserve them to last longer such as artificial diet, flavourings, with a high amount of sugar.

According to the Journal of American Dietetic Association, cereals aimed for children contain more sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, and calories per gram in comparison with the ones that are not aimed for children.

If it is possible for you try to adapt cereals that are low in sugar and high in fibre.

4. Pork Rind or Crackle (Pork Scratchings)

Unsurprisingly deep fried pig skin covered in salt is also one of the worst and bad foods for health to eat. If you have a bag of pork scratchings then you will have the pleasure of finding a piece that still has a few hairs on it.

Most of the times pig hair is removed by burning the skin quickly before it is cut up and cooked in a hot fat, however most of the times plenty of the hairs remain on the skin that can prove dangerous for health.

5. Fizzy Drinks

Technically Fizzy drinks are not a food, therefore they deserve a place in the unhealthy drinks. The regular consumption of fizzy drinks can result in heart attack, heart disease, tooth decay as well as osteoporosis.

Fizzy drinks consist of high amounts of the hidden sugar e.g. an average can of coke contains an average of 10 tea spoons.

Even diet drinks that seem to be healthy should be avoided as they consist of the low calories however high full fat versions.

The artificial flavours added in the fizzy drinks can result in tooth enamel over time. On the other hand such types of drinks are also associated with obesity, type-2 diabetes as well as weight gain.

Sodas can have ill effects on your smile and can lead to cavities and even visible tooth decay. Drinking a soda drink at a time can interact with bacteria in your mouth to form acids.

On the other hand, Fizzy drinks can also lead to cardiovascular diseases. In accordance with the centre of disease control and prevention, the people in America consuming more fizzy drinks can tend towards greater health problems.

iced cola soda pop with straw in flay lay composition

6. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks only by the name are energy drinks and can prove dangerous for health. Such drinks contain an extra amount of sugar on the other hand also plenty of the chemicals that can result in heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke.

It should also be noted that White Borneo Kratom or the other types of the kratom are not energy drinks. It is llegal and due to its safety concerns are banned in plenty of US states.

Therefore all the types of the energy drinks regardless of its ingredients can prove dangerous for health, therefore should be avoided.

7. Processed Meat

Processed Meat contains more nitrates and other chemical additives in order to preserve them for a longer time period besides the colours are also added to it.

Processed Meats such as hot dogs, canned meat, sausages, canned meat or lunch meat have been processed in a way to preserve or flavour it, and are bad for health according to the experts.

A number of studies shows that processed meat results in various types of cancer as well as heart and diabetes disease.

Some processed meats such as sausages are made up of unwanted parts of animal leftovers, while high amounts of fats and salts are also added to it.

Consuming processed meats resutls in greater heart diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, and various types of cancer therefore should be avoided all the time.

8. Frozen Meats

Frozen meats might be a good choice as they have little nutritional value. No doubt that something that will freeze in your freezer for months are a convenient choice.

However these meats consist of high levels of preservatives while the sodium is also added to it.

Rather the things that you freeze in your freezer for months. You should tend to move towards the things that are cooked at home, as they have a high nutritional value.

9. Chicken Nuggets

You should never ever consider chicken nuggets as the healthy diet, as they consist of chicken. It is a reality that chicken nuggets rarely contain any chicken breast, while manufacturers also mix it with bulking agents and leftover bits of carcass.

Therefore instead of eating the deep fried nuggets you should make your own chicken nuggets at home by using the lean chicken breast cut into pieces and coated in breadcrumbs.


No doubt that the foods available in the market are manufactured in the industries where a lot of banned chemicals and materials are added to it, which later damages the health. Whether you want to consume drinks or meals it is always recommended to cook it at home and use the ingredients that are fresh and you thought can improve and maintain your health.